About us

Anton Makea Pty Ltd is a design studio specialising in residential designs that are creative, stylish, and functional - with a contemporary edge.

Located in the inner east of Melbourne, our works range from prestigious

The emphasis is to work closely with our clients, listening to their needs, and then using our creative skills to achieve the ‘ultimate result’.

Each project is overseen by the Managing Director Lou Antonino, giving our clients only the best and most knowledgeable personal service and advice at all times.

Lou graduated from Deakin University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and has been a member of the Australian Institute of Architects since 1989.

The approach is very hands on. Guiding clients from design and design development stages through the planning approval process, documentation of detailed drawings and specifications, tendering and project administration throughout construction.

Clients are most often referred by work of mouth. Many first time clients become second and third time clients.

The Architecture is about:
enhancing lifestyle, creating comfort, opening up interior spaces to exterior spaces, a sense of volume, sculptural form, manipulation of light, wind and water creating cross ventilation, sustainability, zoning of private sleeping areas to living or working areas, textures. tones and colours, exploring the use of new materials and technology energy efficiency using passive solar design, orientation - maximising the site’s potential, capturing and framing views, working to budget constraints protection from the elements